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inuyasha looked at himself in the mirror. tonight was his human night.. he hoped shippo hadn't already rat out his secrets to the other demons. Hopefully, sesshomaru hadn't either.
inuyasha finished bleaching what was his human black hair. he wanted to dye it green, but kagome had told him it would easier when he was human so his ears but then he would have to bleach it.  inuyasha proceeded to massage the green liquid it to tops of his head. Suddenly he heard koga calling him. why the hell was he even here? this was his father's ,the great inu no taisho's, house. why were the wolves in a dog owned property? because kagome livede here too. and wherever kagome was, so was koga.
inuyasha sighed and headed on downstairs to the living room. he pushed the sliding door to his right, only to have a clawed fist connect halfway to where his solar plexus would be. inuyasha collasped backwards as the door retracted back.
'' that wasn't the diaphram!'' shippo exclaimed. '' that was the solar plexus!"
'' a vital point on the human body...'' sesshomaru added.
''whoops ^^' ''koga shrugged.
'if its vital,maybe he'll die...' sesshomaru thought happily without changing his facial expression.
then, door flew open and red, white and green blur popped koga on his collar bone. the blur slowed, revealing a green headed inuyasha dropping to his knees, cluching his chest.
''you bastard,'' he panted. ''wtf was that for?''
''''well, since you were human today,'' koga shrugged.'' i figured, if i hit you in the diaphram, you'd stop breathing or something''
''and WHO told you i was human today?''
'' a little fox told me,'' koga grinned.
inuyasha said nothing, but exit the room. shippo started to panic.
''heee....,'' ship-ship whined.'' inuyasha's gonna kill me!''
''why's that?" koga turned his head.
''inuyasha doesn't en yon ta noe when heez human!'' shippo wailed.'' and you just had to open your mouth and say that! but now he's probob planning my death right now! wellgoodbye, guys. it's been nice.  but now, i'm going out; i'm making history.''
''yeah, for the most cruel and unusual death...'' a shadowed inuyasha stood from behind.
shippo fled for the door, but inuyasha beat him with half lightning speed.
'whoa,' shippo put his hands up in awe.
'how is that possible?' koga leaned forward, his jaw dropped. 'he's human.'
'ninja art of the humans' sesshomaru smiled in his mind.' illusion woking is so practical for them.'
inuyasha lifted his hands and threw a bag over shippo's head. then inuyasha threw the bag in to the oven.
'he's gonna bake the poor fox,'sesshomaru gave pity. but then inuyasha unplugged the oven. and wrapped it in dutch tape. he ran outside and a splash could be heard.
'what?' sesshomaru stood up. 'he's gona drown the kid?'
a pouring sound was heard, and then the ''fwoom'' of a great fire.
'the firey water tactic' sesshomaru looked in the direction the pool.
'that poor shippo' koga shrugged. 'i'll always remember him.'
''you're next,'' inuyasha had red eyes.
'' like hell!'' koga ran off but once again inuyasha blocked off.
'is he going to do the same to koga?' sesshomaru pondered.
''i'm not going down without a fight!'' koga junped up.
inuyasha did too, but koga then threw nails on the floor.
' waaaah!'' inuyasha yelped.
'haha! what'cha gonna do now? huh?'' koga took a glance at inuyasha, only surprised to see him propelling  thru the air and hit him in the collar bone again. inuyasha doubled back and landed on a table. koga did his best to land on the floor and not on any nails.
''you're slow, man,'' inuyasha commented at koga, who was in a backbirdge position.
''shut up you,'' koga snapped and jumped up at inuyasha's table. inuyasha was not prepared for this action, and so could not do anything as defense when koga pushed him off the table onto the nail sprinkled floor.
''aaaah!'' inuyashah yelled out in pain. his hands blocked the rest off his body from landing on the paining floor. the nails pierced thru his softer skin. inuyasha got up and took the nials out of his palms and looked at the damage.
'' hell, you're gonna pay for this koga!'' inuyasha lunged for koga, pressing the wolf demon's facial cheeks up to his eyes. after three seconds, inuyasha moved to choke koga by pressing on his neck. koga took up his decreasing strentgh and blew a punch at inuyasha's head.
To be Continued...
A little thing i did when i was bored. no capitilazation beacause i was too lazy to press the shift button.
All characters mentioned(C) Rumiko Takahashi
"Firey Water" Tactic inspired by Dane Cook
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